Sightseeing with Sofitel Darling Harbour

Finally the bottom of the world gets their very own infinity pool (move over, Marina Bay!) and at none other than Sofitel Darling Harbour, Sydney.

There are many reasons to love Sydney, and many people do. Sydney boasts an astounding 5 million people, which is the equivalent of the population of the country next door, or my backyard, New Zealand.

Every year I fly in for a not so little event called Vivid, which is a spectacular light display that captures your wee heart and awakens your inner child. This time round, the newly opened Sofitel Darling Harbour was my accommodation of choice and I was not disappointed.

Location was amazing, service was top-notch, and the POOL – ohhh the pool was incredible! I had so much fun I just knew I was going to stay here again in the summer time and perhaps even pop a flamingo in it.

If you’re thinking of staying at Sofitel, I suggest booking the ” ” suite, which gives you a spectacular view of Darling Harbour and the fireworks at night.

You’ll feel so relaxed and pumped to try some of my favourite things to do in Sydney below. All of these places are within walking distance and worth it to leave your hotel room, I promise!


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