Around the world with Judy Gao couture

Judy Gao is a 24 year-old, self-taught couture designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. After years of hard work, and completing her science and commerce degree, Judy graduated and made her debut at New Zealand Fashion Week. Currently, Judy is on Project Runway New Zealand and is the winner of the last two challenges where she had to make an evening gown and avante garde outfit. Specialising in sheer and detailed, sophisticated and elegant gowns, Judy ensures her clients stand out for every special occasion. And fortunately for myself, she also just happens to be my best friend.

Judy’s couture collections regularly feature handmade roses, hand-sewn trims, and beading. She also has Judy has a classic collection which features simple, sleek, and versatile styles on satin. Being self-taught has given her an unrestricted vision and opportunity to develop her own unique techniques and one day aspired to dress the Oscar Awards. Over the past year I have taken some of her pieces around the world with me to exotic locations, and here are some of my favourites. Enjoy xx

Wearing Judy Gao Couture in Hamilton, New Zealand




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