Okay so if there’s one thing ya’ll know I luuuurve, its fashun, darlings! But sometimes, fashuuuun comes at a price tag that your girl can not afford on that budget student life. So ding, ding! Here’s the next best alternative for your gram and your bank account!

Style Theory is this incredible designer dress rental brand that allows you to pay a monthly fee of $69 for either 3 items, $99 for 3 items unlimited, or $179 for 5 items unlimited from a selection of over 25,000 designer styles! There’s plenty of different styles that will suit work, the weekend and party as well as sizing which ranges from extra small to large. Unlimited means once you’ve finished wearing your outfits and you’d like more items, you simply send your box back, pick more items on the app, and the new box gets delivered to you straight away! All packages even include free dry-cleaning and shipping – SCORE!

So recently whilst I was in Singapore, I collaborated with their service and I can certainly tell you it. was. a. breeze! All I had to do was use their app (which is so easy to use btw) and click on the dresses I liked! Then the box got sent to my hotel, and I was able to wear them to all the beeeeauitiful locations that the Singapore Tourism Board had organised for me to go to! I did not experience any worries of the box arriving late, or at a different location – nothing! At the end of my 5 day trip, I put the 5 dresses all in the same box again and had it sent back for free to their headquarters.

For someone like me, who is conscious about the environment, but also keen to be fashionable for my travel photos as well as  be reasonable with my spending, Style Theory is the best answer. I was so impressed with the range they had, where they always had the latest styles available as well as some really great classics in impeccable condition that I had always wished I had owned myself.

Overall I would really recommend trying Style Theory, as the service was professional, fast and most importantly, easy-to use and at a reasonable price. I had the pleasure of feeling like I had an infinite wardrobe where I also had the confidence to make bolder, more interesting choices in fashion, and confidently know I had ‘something to wear!’ Hopefully New Zealand will have something like this, but until then, I will be sure to use Style Theory every time I am in Singapore again.



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